Hiring Your Vendors

Hiring Your Vendors
March 17, 2015 liznun4soleil

An Excellent Vendor Team Is A MUST!

Choosing your Vendors is an important part of the planning process. Not only is it important, but it’s a MUST. Luckily in the Portland/Vancouver area there are an abundance of talented professionals to choose from! This seems like an easy task… Google who you’re seeking, where, and you have it, right? WRONG! The thousands of vendors in this area alone would be enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned client.

WeddingEugene9First, a priority, you MUST GET ORGANIZED! Start off by Kkeping track of each vendor by category as well as their contact info and the specific person you spoke with is key. Take notes, highlighting the specifics of the conversation. Ask relevant questions per type. After chatting with 3 or more of each type, things can get a little fuzzy. Keeping tract of the facts as you go will make it easier to compare the facts with accuracy.

Request references and ensure they are current. Do a web search to seek favorable or not so desirable reviews. This can tell you a ton about the experiences their previous clients had with the company. A vendor may talk a good game but an Amazing Vendor should be able to prove it!

Pay attention to your gut too, did you like their “presence”? These are people you will spend a lot of time communicating with during the Miller Wedding10planning process. Make sure you have a connection with the vendors personality and NOT just the Product or Service that they offer. Chances are if you don’t “click”, the trek may be more stressful than you would anticipate. Any vendor that brings additional stress pre-event is most likely to cause stress during and post event too. After an inspiring meeting with Steele Photography’s owners JD + Chris it was confirmed once again the importance of an AMAZING Vendor Team. Thanks you two for reviving my goal to spread the word of the Amazingly Talented!

Every event has its hiccups! Typically they occur “behind the scenes” . When you have an Amazing Vendor Team, rest assured that these professionals will work their magic allowing you to relax and enjoy without even knowing any issues have transpired. It could be a tiny detail or a MAJOR one. True Professionals have the experience to navigate even the most unexpected.

Remember sometimes “You get what you pay for”. Do your homework, cheapest is not always best! Trust me, if you are comparing two or imagemore vendors of the same type and it is a close call financially, we would highly recommend the one with more experience. Time and time again we see clients invest into the “bargain” and end up with regrets. Choose wisely as these individual businesses will make YOUR TEAM! Recommendations from us or other vendors are a great resource. We’ve done the research and know the Best in the Business, This is a BIG DAY! Spend it knowing the whole thing will be a success!

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