It’s Going To Cost How Much?

It’s Going To Cost How Much?
May 31, 2016 liznun4soleil

It’s Going To Cost How Much?

Just how expensive do you think Weddings can be? Experts state that the average cost of a Wedding in The United States as of Current 2016 is a whopping $32,000. WOW! That can be a giant surprise to some of you, we would love to bet?

There are ALWAYS ways that you can keep your budget in check. Setting a REALISTIC number for your wants is the best place to begin. Many factors will go into your final choices. Stay on task.

Make a List of Wants Vs Needs: Decide as a couple what you are willing to compromise on and what you’re not. For example, maybe you purchase your dress at a rack sale instead of having a custom one made for you. This alone could save 100’s of dollars.  Every Wedding is unique and should be a representation of you as a couple and the Love Story of your relationship. That story is different for Everyone! Choose what best fits your personalities and style.

imageChoose A Date: Time of the year can be a HUGE defining factor for your overall budget. Especially in the NW where Wedding Season is only a few short months. “Off Season” pricing can often be 30% or more less expensive than during the peak months.

The Cost of Sanity: Decide if you will do DIY projects to cut costs. Often times they can be a cumbersome additional to an already long to-do list. Now, don’t get me wrong. DIY can save a TON, but “try it on for size”. Suppose you want to fold custom pinwheels for an amazing photo booth backdrop. Make ONE and time yourself. Price out the supplies, time to the store or on-line, etc to do the 50 you need “for the prefect look”. Then decide if its easier to go to your local craft store and buy the pre-made set. If you only save a few bucks in the end, is it worth the cost of your Sanity?

Give Yourself Time: Planning a Wedding can be a full time job. With the hundreds of emails, phone calls and meetings,it can become overwhelming quickly. The more time you allow in an engagement may provide you as a couple, many valuable hours, weeks, and/or months to space things out. Hire a professional Wedding & Event planning company like Soleil Bliss Event Productions if your budget allows or at the very least a “day of” coordinator to execute all your hard work.

FREE Help: Luckily in this day and age couples have the help of modern technology utilize spreadsheets, free websites or online tools or Planning Apps can be a huge help in keeping yourself organized. Remember that you are not a professional, so it may take some trial and error before you get all your ducks in a row. Keep good records!